10 of the Best Landing Page Tools

August 20, 2016 / GuidesFor Team

Landing pages have been used by marketers to redirect potential customers to customized pages. The use of these pages allows companies to create variations of websites that appeals to customers which in turn could lead in more conversions.

The problem with leading a client to a homepage is that the homepage usually has lots of information in it. Visitors usually get distracted with the many links and may lose interest in the long run. Landing pages don’t overwhelm clients with information. They are specifically designed either for click throughs (information about the product or service before asking for a bigger commitment) or lead-generation.

The good news is that it is now easier than ever to create landing pages. This article shows you the Top 10. -Jayar Masiglat

Photo by Gavin Llewellyn under CC BY ND 2.0

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