7 Tools of Marketing Automation That Increase Revenues

October 7, 2016 / GuidesFor Team

The numbers do show that Marketing Automation solutions do drive sales and increase revenues. According to a survey done by the National Law Review, 78 percent of marketing professionals saw their revenues rise after using the solution. Then 75 percent of the brands reported an ROI after 12 months.

Yet not every marketer still has a clear picture of what Marketing Automation is or does. Some still think it is an advanced form of email marketing. But as Act-On’s new product shows, it has at least seven tools that can greatly aid the marketing department in promoting messages, keeping clients, while expanding the market. All these tools are automated. With machine doing the tasks commonly assumed by humans, the professional marketing team now has more time to focus on and execute more powerful creative campaigns. – Cora Llamas.



Act-on is a relatively new player in the marketing automation space founded by some of the people behind Amazon’s collaborative filtering based recommendation engine.  Their software performs the basic functions of a marketing automation system at a lower cost than most of the established players in the marketing automation industry.  Here are a few core areas of functionality for Act-on Software:

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