Are You Ready for Marketing Automation?

August 31, 2017 / GuidesFor Team

You surely heard a lot about marketing automation already. Your interest in it has piqued and you’re probably considering a provider that will deliver at least the basic automation services. But you are also probably still checking if you already know what you need to know about this technology.

For starters, check on the services that you’re getting. Martech listed a few common functionalities found in a B2B marketing automation solution and the following are included:  

  • Email marketing and landing page development, management and execution
  • Website visitor tracking and reverse lookup
  • Lead management (capture, scoring, lead passing and nurturing)
  • A centralized marketing database
  • Native CRM integration
  • APIs or app marketplace for MarTech access

Secondly, to ensure that you will have everything in place, expectations and business requirements alike, follow these 3 tips in choosing a marketing automation solution. – Gail Limpin

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